Close the door after you.

I'd like to do without commas, but 6 feels odd if it doesn't have commas.


He came, despite the heavy snowfall.


Let's start working.

She came into the room with her hat on.

The restaurant billed me 250,000 yen for the party.

I forgot who said that.

The first baseman tagged the runner out.


I expected a better explanation.

Every member of the club was present.

Siping called Gail to apologize to her, but she hung up on him.

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Can it happen here?

The fire brigade was on the scene within five minutes of receiving the call.

Anyway, somehow you succeeded.

A swarm of hornets attacked the children.

People are more conscious nowadays and choose healthy food.

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I don't think you've broken any bones.

I need a new toothbrush.

You were thinking.

The concert hasn't started yet.

It won't do you any good to talk up your own work like that.

We can either go to the beach or go mountain climbing. We can't do both.

He was fired against his will.

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Sergio told Knut to go to her room.

He amended his way of living.

It's completely irrational.

What were you doing down there?

Damone was abandoned by his parents.


After five brutal rounds, the judges could not split the two fighters, and the bout was declared a draw.

He won't be able to come anymore due to his obligations.

They dove in one after the other.

We're sinking.

Old age is merciless.

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I have plans with him tonight.


Everyone loved the cheesecake I baked yesterday.

Can I tell you something?

Victory is unlikely but not impossible.


My questions were met with a frosty silence.


It stuck in his craw that he was forced to step down from his position after 40 years.


She is her own worst enemy.

Nobody's going to blame you.

Isn't that exciting?

Neil has a cousin who is a doctor.

Tuan appreciated the gift that Tovah gave him.


Lowell is just an average Joe.

Suu isn't from Boston.

What do you think he said when I asked him for a favor?

I didn't save anyone either.

If you had left home a little earlier you would have been in time.


She opens the window.


If you endeavour, the fate will favour you.

Elijah is a simple man.

I had complete mastery over my feeling.

We'll soon know the truth.

Don't eat the yellow snow.

I've always enjoyed being with you.

Damon and I are both wrong.

We survived.

I really don't have much time.


He would like to know whether you play chess.

Don't lose heart!

It always happens like this.

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There were few students remaining in the classroom.

Everyone who's anyone will be there.

Could you show me where the bathroom is?

Many parents think it's important for their children to eat before 8:00 p.m.

I think him in good health.


Public feeling against air pollution has at last became vocal.

Gilles doesn't have that kind of money.

I'm not going to stay here with you.


I want to get factura


Maybe we should be quiet.

A large quantity of air-conditioners has been sold since the temperature is high.

Would you mind taking a picture of us?

He dived into the water and came up for air.

Her mother has made her what she is.

The new students entered the hall full of hope.

TATOEBA could be an acronym in various languages: The All-inclusive Treasury Of Examples Beautifully Arranged.

Each of the three girls got a prize.

Kimmo became angry when Pascal mentioned her weight.


Liz unrolled his sleeping bag on his foam pad.


You don't owe Caroline anything.


Robbin poked Frederick in the eye with a stick.

He who wishes for peace, prepares for war.

Where exactly do you live?

I wear shorts all the time.

I wish I hadn't read Cristina's letter.

I told you not to talk to him.

Keep your hands above the table.

The cast was given a standing ovation.

He left without having shut the door.

Paper is useful for writing.

She isn't surprised at all.

Root almost always wears dark clothes.

I'm going to try to quit smoking.

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Let me know if you come across the magazine.

I could hardly refuse Wendell's challenge.

What a team!

Do you understand him?

Tricia didn't want Donne to come to his party.

Dan's son was in Linda's arms.

They became food for fishes.

We can depend on Miltos to get the report in on time.

He thinks me unkind, too.

I learned a lot about Boston.

How many survivors were there?

It's going to be a little bit of a problem.

Fare thee well! and if for ever, still for ever, fare thee well.

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If this does not obtain, we cannot say that the function is monotone increasing.

I'm fine, thanks for asking.

It was too late.

I don't even want to know who you are.

Knapper is not much older than Hui's daughter.


Do not place this in doubt.

There are rare animals in Australia.

We all liked you.

You know about that, don't you?

English and French are Indo-European languages.

How did Wilson take the news?

He cannot stop us.


Oh! Seriously?

I wish Ramsey were here right now instead of me.

I don't have as much money as you think I do.

How much confidence exists that this assumption is correct?

Who told you that?


You were busy with housework.

She is a doctor and also an alpinist.

Please put away this box for me.

Two years ago in the Atlantic ocean parts of the crashed plane were found.

I wish you didn't hang out with Huey.

Traveler's checks are so infrequently used that there is hardly a cashier who knows how to process them.

Would someone please tell me what this is?

Frankly speaking, I don't like your haircut.

Dory put away his clothes.

He likes to be surrounded by youth.

Were you scared?

For your protection, please read these safety instructions completely before operating the appliance.

What's going on with kids these days?

He is said to be a great scientist.

This book could be useful to you.


Tell Joon that.

May you die!

Luckily, nobody was killed in the fire.

Are you suggesting that I'm a coward?

Slovenia is called "Slovenija" in Slovene.

He exchanged yen for dollars.

Follow the street and turn right passing by a bank.

I get up, wash, shower, shave, and get dressed.

Help is coming.

I'd be delighted if they asked me to give a speech.

We're not acquainted with each other.


Water and oil are both liquids.

Where is the giraffe?

It stands to reason that workers are paid.

I keep dreaming about him.

We have lived in this town for five years.


We imported this from Australia.

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Pratapwant wanted to ask a question, so he raised his hand.

I don't hear that often enough.

I couldn't stand Vic when I first met him.

Ben loves his sister.

This dictionary is expensive.


Is it a bad idea to eat cockroaches?

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Are you a Filipino?

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Done, agreed